Monday, April 14, 2008

Boston 6, Cleveland 4

After a quality start by Jake Westbrook and Rafael Betancourt pitched the Indians out of a jam in the seventh inning, Borowski came in for the ninth with a one run lead. Any Tribe fan could see it coming.
Borowski gives up a double to Julio Lugo to start off the inning. Then an outstanding play by Casey Blake on a Coco Crisp bunt up the third base line gives the Indians one out in the inning, but Lugo moves up to third. Dustin Pedroia drives a ball deep to left field that easily scores Lugo to tie the game on the sac fly. Another Borowski appearance, another blown save. But that's not all...

Two outs in the inning and David Ortiz strolls to the plate. Ortiz was batting .085 on the year before his plate appearance, barely even making contact with anything all season. He bloops a single to left. Two outs, Ortiz at first. And this brings us to Manny Ramirez.

First pitch from JoeBo is a tantalizing 82-mph fastball right down the middle of the plate. Ramirez crushes it over the left center field wall. 6-4 Red Sox. Another win slips away.

For good measure, Borowski proceeded to serve up a double to Kevin Youkilis before finally being pulled by Eric Wedge.

Borowski's line for the game:

0.2 innings pitched, 4 hits, 3 earned runs, 0 strikeouts, ERA of 18.00

Enough is enough. Instead of punching a wall, I created this blog. It will be devoted to tracking and scrutinizing every single appearance Borowski has, good or bad. But as Indians fans know, even his "good" appearances will involve scattered walks and extra-base hits. Rarely a 1-2-3 inning.

With Rafael Betancourt in the bullpen, why leave every close game up to chance by bringing in Borowski? He must be benched. Buried in the bullpen. Only called on for work during blowouts.

This is an open forum for comments on his performances.

Bench Borowski.


Anonymous said...

The fact that Manny could not tell whether the pitch he crushed into left field was a fastball or a changup is just ridiculous. Instead of putting Borowski into "save" we should all just punch each other in the nuts and automatically tack on 2 or 3 runs for good measure.

Karkovice 'N' Son said...

The amount of posts on this blog is inversely proportional to the amount of wins the tribe gets this year. My hope is he's designated for assignment after today.

It's still early.

Anonymous said...

Borowski couldn't even close his own coffin. So Wedge had to do it for him.

Colin Wilson said...

This blog had only just begun.

Adam said...

was www heyericwedgepleasestoplettingjoeborowskiblowsaves .com taken?

Ryan said...

When a team's closer enters the game with a lead, the other team and its fans should dread the sight. Opposing fans and players feel the exact opposite when Borowski takes the field. I don't see how Wedge can run him out there with Perez and Betancourt in the pen.

Josh said...

As a Red Sox fan, I can confirm that it gives us a boost every time he comes into the game. That alone is reason enough to yank him from the closer role. Add in his lackluster "stuff" and flat fastball, and Wedge has a no-brainer on his hands. (Especially with Betancourt throwing so well).